As I was snoozing to my iPod earphones early one morning, I heard a fascinating program about re-treeing Los Angeles. It involved enlisting the gangs - who showed their power in breaking up the street concrete for tree planting, guarding the saplings, and even building water carts to keep the trees alive in the summer. One of the projects re-treed martin luther king Boulevard. A second project radically implemented recycling (to a 90% takeup) through school consciousness-raising.

As i said, fascinating. BUT, this was on of the few programs that the ABC didn't release as a podcast, so I can't point you to it, I can't remember the key visionary's name, just that the local name of the program was Bioneers.

If any reader can help in this story, or source the program, I'd be indebted.

I'll also plug this on google+, my other information network.

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Andy Lipkis is the name I was struggling for. TreePeople is the group. I think the program I heard was about the Bioneers conference, themed upon 'innovation imitating nature'.

I think the program I heard was this one! (Education for Action). Lots of cool stuff through these links!

Aha, part II! The ABC has at last got around to posting their series. This is what I actually heard (which is not to devalue all the other stuff I turned up!) Upscaling Goodness: Treehuggers, Earth Acupuncture and Community Fo.... A warning: this is only streamed, so I'd guess the feed won't be very permanent.


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