"Give me potential or give me death."
~yep, my version of Patrick Henry's stuff

Now that I think of it, I probably could have just entitled this one “2.0″ because this is now what this phrase means to me. I’m not going to go off into the history of the quirk of using “2.0″ to signify the newest iteration of….. something. Heck it is now used for pretty much anything: Web 2.0, School 2.0, Library 2.0, Government 2.0, and on and on and on. Tack a two at the end and instantly whatever you are talking about, planning, or selling becomes better, newer, shinier. From my personal perspective, what at one point meant something to those pushing the envelope of using the Internet in education, now means means less. The more you use something, right? I get it. I know. After a while of having “2.0’s” ping-ponged about in the echo chamber of online communications… the meaning does tend to get stale. If you subscribe to the tweets of some of the more connected edtechers out there, you’ll find more than a few who are just plain ol’ sick of the term.

This one is about coming to terms again with the "Web 2.0" moniker (and the 2.0 term in general) and using it for the better in our quest to make our schools more relevant entities into the future.

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Great post, Sean. Happy to know you, to think with you, to be 2.0-connected with you!

This is absolutely true for me, too:

"All of a sudden, more than at any time previously in my career, I was able to model myself as a learner in the classroom right alongside my students. I was able to show them what it looked like to be a connected learner in the digital world of current information and communications technology."

That just makes me so happy. I think modeling this is some of the most important work I do as a teacher. Being unafraid. Being a good questioner. Knowing the answers resides in either my local or my extended learning community--and asking for them, all the time. Showing that our learning power as a collective is infinitely greater than our learning power as unconnected individuals.

Possibility and positivity (your word? I like it.) ARE contagious. I share my enthusiasm daily, and hope it's viral.

Ok, on a side note, since you're talking about a word and its value, I want to enter a complaint about another word. Actually it's a phrase: 21st-century education. What I want to complain about is how the phrase was STOLEN, given a new meaning which is pretty much its polar opposite. Now no one knows what anyone means. But I'm going to keep using it and claim that I'm using it for its original meaning, which is basically everything you're saying about web 2.0, and NOT the "other" use of the word, which neocons are trying to get established as back-to-competitive-basics. Uh-uh. Ain't what it means at all.

Thanks for the thoughts. Great blog you've got going. Keep the thoughts coming.
Oh man... you nailed that one. "21st Century skills." Here is another: "_______-literacy." I'm sure there are a few more that get me. It was a lot of work to fall back into favor of Web 2.0. ;)

Oh yum, right?


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