Most people recognize the name 'Douglas Adams' because of his most famous creation, 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.  But his favorite (and least popular) writing composition was actually his book about saving endangered species around the world.  Called 'Last Chance to See', the book is a series of stories of trips Adams made with biologist Mark Cowardine to remote corners of the planet where amazing animals were facing extinction.  The book is one of my favorites of all time, as it combines the satire and writing ability of Adams with my passion for animals, nature and conservation. I recommend it to everybody.

Below is a link to Adams's last lecture before he died in 2001 -- it's a lecture that primarily retells stories from the book.  It's great to tell the stories in his own voice, and to hear him throw in little improvised dry commentary.  Check it out!

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Thanks, Shirley for the reminder about this much forgotten work - and the 'live' link
Ethan, very good to hear from you. Thanks for the superb link--

Ian, Ethan is the first name, Shirley is the last. He, by the way, went to the school where I teach, and was one of those standout worldly kids from an early age. I remember talking to him while he was on the jungle gym, somehow we we talking about travel--and at the young age of what, seven? eight? Ethan has already been to several continents and had plenty of stories to tell.

I loved the Hitchhiker's Guide series, read them a couple of times. I'll enjoy reading Last Chance to See now, thanks to Ethan's recommendation, and look forward to watching the TED talk.

Thanks, Ethan! Keep the ideas and links coming!
Oops - sorry Ethan. I'm still thankful for your reminding us of Adams' 'Last Chance...'


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