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Right Action Requires No Effort

One of the 'free gifts' of teaching are kudos, compliments and thanks from parents for helping mold their child in an image that resembles one they hold for their child. If they come as notes or e-mails, I save all of them. Not to reinforce some vapid ego-based self image but to assist the healing process when one of the very same parents decides to unleash venom on me for some perceived 'wrong' that I committed.

It happened last week. Frankly, I'm still recovering. Never mind…


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The End of Education Re-Examined

I am re-reading Neil Postman's The End of Education. I have just finished the Chapter where he criticizes educators who made predictions about technology that actually came to be.

(He wrote this in the late 1990's.....before i-pods, The Semantic Web and social networks). Reading…


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