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The Changing Nature of Professional Development In Education

Just posted this at Ed. Paradigms---->This blog and it's sister blog has as its focus bringing to light the game changers of 21st century technologies and globalization as related to Education and how teaching and learning gets done in (U.S.) schools. The very first posts were critical commentaries about the perceived fear and obstruction of schools in terms of adopting new… Continue

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Pedagogy Lessons from a 3-Year Old

My son, who is three, has a new hobby of building elaborate "mouse houses" on our (king size) bed with all the pillows and blankets within 20 sq. feet.. These houses appear to serve as cushioned bunkers 'just in case' the Big Mouse should come along and, well, SCARE us. The Mouse House building is important stuff with speciifc technical details that I am not privvy to no…

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Ed Tech Literacy for Educators: 2 Resources

Yesterday I wrote about my concerns that teachers have a wide range of knowledge with regard to current technology. I believe if things remain the same, students will, indeed, suffer. It seems time to consider mandating instructional technology skills for all educators at all levels.

The question is where to start and how to measure to what extent teachers have integrated technology… Continue

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Seeking Technology Standards For Teachers

Just as there is a problematic digital divide among regions of the U.S., where some students have 24/7 access to information while others have no access, there is a problematic division between teacher's understanding of and use of technology for learning. I am talking, here, about situations where technology would actually be significantly more beneficial than traditional means of learning.

It seems we may be approaching a point where technology standards ought to be developed for… Continue

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