More fun with Tar Heel Readers - turning them into videos!

One of my very favorite things about the digital world is REPURPOSING things... and digital things positively want to morph into other digital things.

Well, I took one of my Tar Heel Reader books, downloaded it as a Powerpoint (a very handy feature of the Tar Heel Reader site), converted it to video using the automatic Powerpoint-Movie converter in Powerpoint ... and then I uploaded the resulting video to the Ning. Time elapsed: less than 10 minutes (and that was mostly waiting on my poor old version of Powerpoint on my poor old computer to convert the Powerpoint to video...).

1) Embed and share widely, thanks to the power of video embedding.
2) Encourage the reader to READ ALONG with the show - I think I've got it timed so it's not too hard to say the words out loud while watching the video, and the ecclesiastical accent marking style which I used (I'm a big fan of this style of marking Latin) should allow students to read it with confidence! Here is the result - starting from this Tar Heel Reader: Auceps-Palumbes-Anguis.

Find more videos like this on LATIN VIA FABLES: AESOPUS

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Comment by Barb Wollak on May 24, 2009 at 9:01pm
You can also turn your Tar Heel book into a PowerPoint and then upload that to a Voicethread. Then, you can have your students read the book using the video or audio comment feature of Voicethread. If you want to see examples of my students doing this, look at "The Important Book" or "31 Uses for a Mom" on

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